Think! shoes
are true craftsmanship

Whether for women or men: Think! shoes are crafted by hand using high-quality materials. What makes these shoes so special? Here’s a brief overview:


  • fair, sustainable and ecologically conscious production conditions;

  • robust, comfortable materials;

  • true craftsmanship and unusual details;

  • unique patterns and individual design;

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About Henry's Shoes

Dating near the time Trochu was initially founded (1913), our original facility was built and owned by the Roach Municipal District Office. It stood where Henry's is located today. The Imperial Bank of Canada occupied the front part of the building. Later on, moving across the street. In the 1930s, W.S. Garrick sold the building to Emil Fiala Sr., Who moved in with his Shoe and Harness Repair Shop, changing the name to the Trochu Shoe Hospital.

Humble Beginnings

Emil Sr. passed away in 1962, and the business was purchased by Henry Rist, who had learned the shoe trade in his home country, Germany. With renovations and retouches to the facility, Henry and his family opened Henry's Shoe Shop "Shoes for the Family, All Repairs." Initially focused on handcrafted shoes by Henry himself, they later incorporated footwear and clothing brands alongside a footwear repair workshop. They would soon add twenty feet to the rear of the store, with an additional sixty feet in 1968. During that time, Henry planned to open a shoe manufacturing plant in Trochu with the provincial government's support. Henry left for Europe to find the right equipment for this venture. After several weeks, he returned to ill health and suddenly passed away on April 25, 1969. His wife and son (Ruth and Vern) would continue to operate the store.


A short while later, Vern H Rist purchased the business and assumed ownership. He later closed off the repair service, creating a greater emphasis on the retail footwear industry. By 1982 they would expand to a second location in Olds, Alberta. Reaching 50 years presently, Vern still holds his important position in the business success today. Bearing little resemblance to its initial persona, Henry's now has over 200,000 registered customers from all over western Canada and North America. More than just a renowned tourist destination, we've been proudly serving customers for over 60 years. With a vast selection of products and a variety of brand names, we take pride in the delivery and service of our clients. We believe it's our duty to ensure the quality and fit of your footwear. A standard that Henry once saw 60 years ago. A vision that we will continually stand by.

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60 years
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Hours of Operation

All Warehouse Locations

Monday - Saturday: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Closed Sundays


Holiday Hours

Feb 21, Family Day (Closed)

Contact Us

Trochu Warehouse

217 Main St, Trochu, AB T0M 2C0, Canada

(403) 442-3065

Olds Warehouse

 5023 51 St, Olds, AB T4H 1E6, Canada

(403) 556-8883

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