Kneed - Arch Support (Half Insert) Kneed2b

Kneed - Arch Support (Half Insert) Kneed2b


KNEED2Be insoles are designed to offer support for those shoes you love to wear … but maybe shouldn’t. Beneficial to help relieve injuries (plantar fasciitis, tibialis posterior tendonitis and metatarsalgia), resist fatigue, and add comfort.



  • The vender recommends if you are a half size / in-between sizes to order the next size up. For Kneeds, the arch length fit is key & should align with your arches, most Kneed insoles can be trimmed down to fit (not KNEED2BE).

  • Transitional density EVA with premium polyester top sheet
  • Heel Cradle - Optimizes your heels natural cushioning and fits inside the heel counter of shoes to reduce heel slippage commonly found with other insoles
  • Adaptable Arch Support - Biomechanically shaped moldable base ensures support from the heel to the ball of the foot. The base can be easily modified by a trained professional
  • Flexible - Naturally flexes with your unique foot and still maintains its shape where you need the support
  • Great for most types of footwear with or without removable insoles.


    See our size charts to get an idea of what sizes we offer to, and a conversion between different sizes that certain brands use. 

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