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Red Wing - Tuff Toe

Red Wing - Tuff Toe


Red Wing's Tuff Toe is a polyurethane adhesive with abrasion, chemical, and water resistant abilities that has been specially designed to provide long-term protection for your footwear. With Tuff Toe, never again tear out the front of your expensive work boots! Forget repairing the toe area too when you can repair what you have. Triple the life of your boots and join the ranks of masons, welders, plumbers, firemen, electricians, mechanics, flooring installers, heavy equipment operators, motorcyclists, and anyone looking for superior boot protection.


• Silicon and Lanolin • Caution: Poisonous • Made in the USA


    See our size charts to get an idea of what sizes we offer to, and a conversion between different sizes that certain brands use. 

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